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As part of Dine Out Vancouver 2014, Street Food City is returning for its 3rd year. Between January 22 and January 26, 23 food trucks will be gathered around the north side of Vancouver Art Gallery and serve some fantastic food truck goodness at this festival. This is probably the best and worst time to try out any food trucks: It’s the best because there are so many of them together at once; it’s the worst because it’s also attracting the most amount of people which means you will be faced with long line-ups at every truck.

Crowd @ Street Food City

Crowd @ Street Food City

Regardless, this is an event that I look forward to every year. Here are some of our favourites that will be participating this year:

And here is my wishlist for this year:

  • Feastro: Heard good things about its tacos
  • Le Tigre: Always want to try Clement Chan’s food. Another Asian food truck that I think I will like.
  • Yolks: Breakfast food truck? Yes, please!
  • Mogu: Heard great things about its chicken karaage

Hopefully I can make it to the Street Food City this year (my body is in the process of fixing itself). Otherwise, I’m looking to you to let me know how it goes!


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As part of our team-building exercise, or merely an excuse to get outside, KB, AM and I decided to take some time this summer to visit the food trucks near our office. First up, AM suggested to try Arturo’s Mexico To Go. The promise of Arturo’s is that its food is fresh, sourced locally, and uses hormone free meat. The recipes are a fusion of Spanish and traditional Mexican food. AM was quite looking forward to this lunch as he had his eyes on them for quite some time now.

Arturo's Mexico To Go

Arturo’s Mexico To Go


Even though they had some specials on menu, I went for one of its regular items, Gringa. It’s Arturo’s original recipe, with rotisserie pork and warm salsa as filling, with rice, beans and salad on the side. You have the option of white or whole wheat tortilla, and mine was with white soft tortilla. It turns out to be quite similar to quesadilla. In fact, it made me wonder how different this is compared to their quesadilla. The tortilla was grilled to be a bit crispy on the edges. The filling was gooey thanks to the mozzarella cheese, and the warm salsa was a bit vinegary and had a lot of caramelized onions. (more…)

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