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The official Dine Out Vancouver may have ended on Sunday, but some restaurants have decided to offer the Dine Out menus just for a few more days.

Dine Out at Smoke and Bones

Dine Out at Smoke and Bones

Here are their respective extended end date and menu. The list is much shorter than previous years. I will keep updating the list if I hear more.



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It was Mr.‘s birthday and I thought a few of us were meeting up at the Teahouse in Stanley Park for brunch. Little did I know, it turned into a surprise wedding proposal and yes, I’m pleased and excited to tell you that Mr. will officially become Mr. soon (you will have to ask me in person for the full story hehe)! 🙂


I have been to the Teahouse a couple of times before and it didn’t disappoint; this was no exception. And in this joyous moment, everything just tasted good. I ordered the Steak and Eggs. The meat was flavourful and tender. Even though striploin isn’t the best cut of meat, and we found a tendon in the meat, it was not chewy at all! I only wished it was more than 5oz so there were a few more pieces to go around. The scrambled eggs were nice and fluffy; overall a good pairing. I do think Edible Canada makes the best Steak & Eggs but this was up there with them.

Steak and Eggs

Mr. (hehe) picked Smoked Salmon Raft. It’s a unique take on the classic eggs benny. Instead of English muffin, it used roasted potato cakes. The potato cakes were rich and nicely seasoned, but it was missing the crunch from the toasted English muffin. The surprise was in the fried capers – I’m not a huge fan of capers but frying them takes away the strong pungent taste and they became much easier on the palate.

Smoked Salmon Raft

I also tried a bite of LW’s Montreal Smoked Meat Hash. (more…)

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While we’re continuing our Dine Out Vancouver coverage this week, I’m pleased to let you know that some restaurants have decided to extend their menu offering for a few more days. Here are their end dates and menus:

Until Feb 7

Until Feb 9

Until Feb 11

Until Feb 12

Until Feb 13

Until Feb 28

This year’s Dine Out has been my recent favourite. Overall, I think the restaurants have raised the bar and put out a much more interesting and tastier menu, and the service quality has also seen improvement. We have 2 more reviews coming up this week so be sure to follow them!

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