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It’s Chinese New Year (CNY) a couple of weeks ago, and us Chinese know how to celebrate — eat, feast, and repeat. Of course, there are many regional Chinese New Year traditions throughout China, and being from HK, the HK tradition is what I’m most familiar with. On New Year’s Eve I was invited to a feast with food expert Lee Man, and it just heightened my appreciation for my culture.

Calling it a feast, obviously it was a multi-course dinner with an abundance of food. We are all about good meanings 意頭 when it comes to choosing the dishes or even naming them for CNY. On Instagram I showed a glimpse of what that means with the CNY dinner made by Mama Lam this year. It’s being realized here once again at Golden Paramount in Richmond.


“Togetherness” is one of the main reasons for CNY celebrations so families often take the opportunity to gather together and dine out during CNY. For that, the restaurant was hustling and bustling and it’s just full of energy! It was a late dinner for us (7:45pm start) and the room was still full and more were being seated as our dinner progressed. And here’s our menu, some background about them, and what they symbolize:
Pan Fried Oysters – Oysters are a homonym for “good”, indicating good luck for the upcoming year. Traditionally we eat dried oysters because it means “good business” 好市 but it does have a more distinctive fishy taste to it and not everyone likes it. This was a Chinese Restaurant Award winner.

Pan Fried Oysters
Pepah Tofu – Fried food is usually in a golden colour so it symbolizes gold and fortune. The tofu here is shaped into a Chinese lute, Pipa. Fun fact: I learned to play the Pipa when I was in middle school in HK. Not easy to master but it was fun to play. This was later extended to my involvement with the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble.

Pepah Tofu
Crab Meat and Fish Maw Soup – At a CNY feast you would want to serve some luxurious items.



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Chinese New Year is Feb. 16, 2018 and it’s the Year of the Dog. Need ideas to celebrate CNY this year? Here is a roundup for you:

TWG Tea:

During the month of February, you can order the Lunar New Year Tea Set at TWG Tea, which includes savoury canapés and tea infused desserts. They have also launched the Breakfast Bulldog Tea for the occasion.

Red Racer Lucky Dog:

Central City Brewers + Distillers has launched the Red Racer Lucky Dog Kumquat Wheat Ale, a Chinese New Year collaboration with Taiwan’s Redpoint Brewing Co. It’s a seasonal wheat ale brewed with fresh kumquats, a sweet and fragrant citrus fruit traditionally eaten during the lunar new year celebrations.


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If you follow me on Instagram, you would see in my IG Stories that yesterday I received a pretty neat surprise at lunch. Tourism Richmond delivered some freshly made dumplings from a number of Richmond restaurants. Why, you ask? There’s now a Dumpling Trail in Richmond!

Dumplings for Lunch

Dumplings for Lunch

The Dumpling Trail is a self-guided tour of 15 restaurants in Richmond that serve up a wide variety of dumplings.


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For the last three months, Tourism Richmond has been searching for the perfect person to be its spokesperson, one who can show the world what Richmond has to offer through the culinary lens. Today they have announced that Lindsay Anderson, who is a local blogger here in Vancouver, has been named the “Richmond Foodie Blogger”. Congratulations!!

It’s a pretty cool gig. It’s a one-year contract role with a salary of $50,000, living compensation and a daily stipend for all restaurant meals. It also includes a one-year membership to the Richmond Olympic Oval – which will come in handy with all the food expected to be consumed. What Lindsay will be doing, is to eat at 365 Richmond restaurants in 365 days, taking photos, shooting videos and blogging about the experience, while actively engaging with the community in person and online through social media.

I have been following the process since the beginning, curious to find out who will land themselves what might be considered a food blogger’s dream job. More than 1,500 individuals, locally and internationally, applied, with only 12 candidates shortlisted for a public voting. Lindsay received the most number of votes at that stage of the process and was definitely viewed as the top contender for this position.

I personally don’t know Lindsay, but I was quite impressed by her campaign where she received support from fans across the world. I wish her the very best, and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. It’s nice to see that the role of food bloggers is seen as a key influencer when it comes to dining and tourism, and I hope there will be more opportunities alike in the future for other foodies.

Be sure to follow Lindsay as she dines around Richmond. To learn more about her or this whole initiative, visit www.365daysofdining.com. You can also follow Lindsay on Twitter at @365Richmond.

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