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Happy 5th Birthday to Us! Wow I can’t believe it has been 5 years since I first created this blog! At my office, 5 years is considered a milestone and we celebrate with an extra week of holiday and a bigger anniversary gift. Well, not here. With your support, the blog continues to grow and this is keeping us busy. How busy have we been?

Vanilla Poached Canadian Lobster TailRoasted Gelderman Farm Pork Belly with Crackling

Wine TastingInside the International Tasting Room

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Time sure flies, everyone! Today VanFoodies turns 4 years old – yes, it’s been 4 great years!

Happy 4th Anniversary to VanFoodies!

Every year I take this opportunity to look back for some great moments. This past year certainly was an interesting one. I personally have been trying to balance my time between day job, blogger duties, continuous learning, and well, personal life with family, friends, and Mr. It’s not easy and I know I haven’t been blogging as often as I should have this year. That being said, I was quite excited when Bryan decided to join us as our in-house beer columnist and I think his passion for craft beer combined with his unique quirkiness will make him a great addition to this blog. (more…)

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Just want to take a few minutes to thank our readers, Twitter followers and Facebook fans for supporting VanFoodies.com. January was our record month with more than 20% increase in visits from our last record month!! That means a lot to us and certainly a good motivation to keep on doing what we do here.

We will continue to bring you tasty reviews, mouth-watering photos and interesting news!


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We’re proud to be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of VanFoodies!

I was reading our 2nd anniversary post, and I’m just so pleased that what we achieved in the 3rd year has surpassed the 2nd year. June 23, 2012 was the busiest day ever, recording so much traffic that until now I still couldn’t repeat such accomplishment. We also have been trying to maintain 3 posts a week, instead of 2, introducing special segments such as travel posts and food truck posts.

When we’re out and about attending events, it’s so nice to hear that people have actually heard about us! We know we will never beat the food blog giants in the city, but it feels good to know that we’re not an anonymous food blog. Thank you for your continuing support!

I know we usually make some treats for our birthday celebration. But I’m actually out of town right now on a business trip, so that part of the celebration has to wait. Just know that I’m in another part of the world finding more post ideas – you know it will be delicious!!

Cheers, everyone! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it.


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Time sure flies – I can’t believe today marks VanFoodies’ 2nd anniversary!

VanFoodies is 2!!

VanFoodies is 2!!

From the addition of Lisa as a contributor, to being recognized by the PR companies and restaurants as one of the known food blogs to include on their mail lists and event invites, to trying to keep up with a schedule of two posts a week (rather than sporadic posts here and there), to achieving our highest month yet in Oct 2011 and the busiest day to-date on Nov 8, 2011 – it’s been a great year that’s worth celebrating!

As part of our birthday tradition, this year we’ve baked some sugar cookies with jam and dulce de leche filling. It’s a pretty easy recipe to follow and it will make a great addition to your Christmas baking list. Check back on Thursday for the recipe!

Thank you once again for your kind support and I hope you’ve enjoyed what we offer here on VanFoodies.com.


It's VanFoodies' 2nd Anniversary

It’s VanFoodies’ 2nd Anniversary

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