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It’s always been on my list to try La Foret but for whatever reason I never did. When I took Mama Lam out shopping at Metrotown one weekend, I decided to take her there first.

The entrance could be deceiving because it seems like a small space, but it’s narrow and long with lots of seating available. You will find numerous 2-tops that can be turned into 4-tops, but also a few long communal tables for big groups.

La Foret


For Mama Lam, she ordered Chicken + Waffle, with buttermilk fried chicken and squid ink waffle. I’ve never squid ink waffles before. The texture of the waffle was quite interesting; it’s denser than typical Belgian waffle yet it’s spongy and lighter than expected. There’s a hint of fishiness from the squid ink. Chicken was boneless thigh meat; batter was thin, crispy, and meat was juicy. It’s a good portion size, quite filling for brunch.

Chicken + Waffle at La Foret

The Sausage Platter was marked as a new item on the menu. (more…)


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My friend CC told me about this waffle place near Coquitlam Centre — Miracle Belgian Waffle. Having moved to Richmond, I’m not in Coquitlam as often anymore; so when CC wanted to meet up in Coquitlam, I took the opportunity to check it out.


There are close to a couple dozens of waffle items to choose from, mostly sweet but with a few savoury options. You also get to choose between Brussels (crispy) and Liege (soft) waffles. It reminds me of Nero in downtown.

As a huge fan of mango, without hesitation I ordered the Mango Paradise on a Liege Waffle. On top of the waffle were fresh mango and strawberries, mango ice cream and a yogurt sauce. The waffle had a nice texture, denser than Brussels waffles, soft yet chewy. While the waffle could be a shade darker in colour (especially around the edges), you could see speckles of sugar still glittering on the surface. The sweetness and tartness were balanced quite well between the sweet waffle, mango chunks, strawberry slices, ice cream and yogurt sauce. The plate looked very inviting and overall it’s a very satisfying plate for a mango fan. Could’ve used a few more pieces of mango or a bit more mango ice cream but I just really like mango!

Mango Paradise on Liege

My eyes went wide open when the Waikiki Brothers arrived. (more…)

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Tucked away in a hidden corner of a strip mall in Burquitlam (i.e. the North Road area between Burnaby and Coquitlam), there is a restaurant specialized in an ingredient favoured by many Asians — rice cakes. With a recommendation from friends, we went and checked it out.


And yes, their menu is indeed full of various interpretations of rice cakes. Korean rice cakes. You can have it savoury, spicy, or even sweet. First, we were quite excited when we saw the Rice Cake Pasta with Tomato Meat Sauce. It was still bubbling when it got to our table. At first glance, I thought of those baked pasta dishes that you can get at HK cafes. Then we dug in, it’s a spicy tomato meat sauce! It tasted different from Gochujang — the Korean chili paste — and it wasn’t overly spicy; but the level of heat was just enough to whet our appetite. The rice cakes were of great texture — chewy, good elasticity, but didn’t require you to chew a hundred times to break it down. This is like spaghetti bolognese with a Korean twist. A hearty dish.

Rice Cake Pasta with Tomato Meat Sauce

If you can’t eat spicy food, you can order the Royal Court Rice Pasta with Soy Sauce. It’s a simple stir fry of sliced beef, onion, bell peppers and mushrooms, and of course rice cakes, in a soy sauce. There’s a slight sweetness in the sauce, and the dish reminded me of a Chinese stir fry.

Royal Court Rice Pasta with Soy Sauce

Lastly, the highlight of this meal. (more…)

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The 4th Annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival has been running for the past few weeks now. I don’t tend to participate in this very much because the hot chocolates are usually on the pricey side and most of the stores are not conveniently located for me.

That being said, there are a few that are close to my office. It has been quite chilly recently so I thought it was a perfect excuse for a team outing at one of the locations – Leonidas at the Convention Centre. Last time I visited I was only there for the macarons so I was quite excited about trying their hot chocolate.

Leonidas located right by the water

Leonidas located right by the water

And they actually serve 6 different types of hot chocolate (2 dark, 2 milk and 2 white), which I really appreciate, offering some kind of hot chocolate for everyone. Each hot chocolate comes with your choice of Liege Belgian Waffle, cheesecake trio, one macaron, two pieces of chocolate, or ice cream.


I ordered the Boho Secret with the Liege Waffle. It’s a 72% dark Belgian chocolate flavoured with peppermint, turmeric, honey and pepper. Their hot chocolates are made with real chocolate chips and not syrup or powder, which makes each cup rich and decadent. (more…)

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Going on another food truck adventure with colleagues JL and JN, I convinced them to check out one of the newer food trucks in the city, Beljam’s Waffles. Suggested by its name, this truck is specialized in waffles, but not just ordinary waffles — they are waffle cones. No, not the kind we use for ice cream cones, think breakfast waffle in a cone shape.

Beljam's Waffles

Beljam’s Waffles


The menu is pretty simple, a few items that are more breakfast-themed, a few savoury items for lunch/dinner time, and a few for desserts. With the exception of a couple, everything is presented in a waffle cone.

We each ordered a savoury item, and as I came from Hong Kong, for sentimental reasons I opted for the Hong Kong Cone. Well, there is nothing Hong Kong in the Hong Kong Cone. It has numerous coconut shrimp topped with sweet chili sauce and seaweed. If I had to categorize the flavour profile, I think this is more Thai/Southeast Asian than HK. That being said, it looked very appetizing and tasted quite good. (more…)

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Sorry about the long absence since my last post. In between, I went back to Beijing for vacation. Maybe I will write something to bring you a taste of real Beijing food.

A sister restaurant of the next-door Chambar, Medina Cafe has long been raved about by foodies and critics. A random man on the Hastings (the bad part) also told me that he heard the place is great and would like to try it. I was quite surprised, really. Maybe a good reputation does travel fast, regardless where. My friend and I paid it a visit in hope of an excellent brunch.

I wasn’t very impressed from the get-go. The restaurant was full while a dozen people were waiting outside. I went in to inquire about the wait time and to put my name down, but I wasn’t greeted immediately and warmly. Then the wait started and went on for an hour. To the restaurant, the wait seemed like nothing. The restaurant didn’t attempt to be nice or apologetic about it. Oh well…

We started our brunch with coffee and waffles. I had my waffle with lavender milk chocolate. The topping was great… good flavour and consistency. The waffle on the other hand was definitely on the small side. At $3.15 each, I expected it to be a bit bigger. By the way, the waffles weren’t exactly hot off the iron either. The coffee was great though – good beans and brewed right. In terms of the main event, (more…)

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