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We were invited to go on a tour to check out the various Donnelly Group properties and their Dine Out Vancouver menu. Executive Chef Alvin Pillay has recently returned to the company group, and he’s quite proud of the menus that he’s put together. Ten of the Donnelly Group properties are offering similar items. Specifically, there are 6 core items that can be found at all these locations, which we tried on this tour, along with their respective beverage pairing. Each Donnelly Group location also offers an additional entree option on their Dine Out menu.


Our first stop was at The New Oxford, where we tried the two appetizers.

The Curried Parsnip Soup could definitely warm you up on a chilly winter day. The curry spices really came through; I could taste a lot of ginger. Soup was creamy, and the roasted apple offered some texture in contrast. Suggested wine pairing is the Volcanic Hills Pinot Gris. The apple note in the white wine was a great match with the soup.

Curried Parsnip Soup

The Winter Salad sounded and seemed simple, but there’s an interesting depth to it. The buttermilk sumac dressing brought tartness and spice, black sesame added some nutty flavours, and the Moroccan pita bread gave it some crunch. The 50th Parallel Riesling isn’t as sweet as a typical Riesling, which worked well with this light salad.

Winter Salad

Next, on a trolley, we were taken to The Blackbird Public House, right upstairs from Royal Dinette.

Bar at Blackbird

The first of the two core entrees was the Bangers & Mash.


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Even though I work in downtown Vancouver, I don’t usually get to enjoy Happy Hour. Generally runs 3-6pm, by the time I get off work, and I don’t leave work right at 5pm on the dot, it would be near the tail-end of Happy Hour or worse, I would miss it completely. Luckily for me, Rodney’s Oyster House offers its Happy Hour menu on Saturday, and my girlfriends and I checked it out as part of a birthday celebration.


With the 4 of us, we went through most of its Low Tide (aka Happy Hour) menu. First, we ordered a dozen of Raw Oysters to start. They were $1.50 each Fanny Bay oysters. The sizes were pretty consistent, maybe with a couple that were slightly smaller. The taste was light and crisp, not creamy. We ordered another half-dozen afterwards.

Raw Oysters

The Raw Oysters came with a number of sauces, from mild to super hot, and it was quite fun to test our spice tolerance. Turns out I didn’t do so bad; I think I got to the 4th jar!

Sauces for Oysters

Next, there was an abundance of Steamed Clams! (more…)

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Last weekend I went for a girls’ dinner with CC and LW. It’s Taste of Yaletown time, which means we were able to order a prix fixe menu for an affordable $25, $35 or $45. We initially wanted to try Brix because it had a more appealing menu; unfortunately they were closed for a private event so we were offered a table at the sister operation, George Ultra Lounge.


Turns out both Brix and George offer the same menu, which is a combination of what was posted on the Taste of Yaletown website. They kept the best part of both menus, i.e. lots of appealing meat options, so we could order a few different things to try. And they operate out of the same kitchen, so it didn’t make a difference whether we dined at Brix or George in this case.


For appetizers, I ordered the Lamb Bacon Salad. I don’t think I’ve ever had lamb bacon before so that was quite intriguing. It was similar to pork belly; it had equal distribution of meat and fat, fried to a crispy yet meaty texture. It wasn’t overly fatty or greasy either. It had a bit of gamey taste but that’s partly why I enjoy eating lamb. The salad was well balanced with soft and crunchy elements, and hint of bitterness from the endives and radish; they used a pungent, blue-cheese like cheese, which I wasn’t a fan of.

Lamb Bacon Salad

CC and LW both ordered the AAA Beef Carpaccio. (more…)

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Bryan and I were invited to check out the new Prohibition Tasting Room, in the location of where Cache Bistro used to be in Yaletown. We had the opportunity to sample its beers and a number of dishes on the menu. The beers are not brewed on location; they are being brewed in Kelowna then shipped to here. Food is prepared on location, with a lot of items made in-house or sourced locally. In this post, I will focus on the food, and Bryan will share his thoughts on the beer and drinks.

Prohibition Tasting Room


To be honest I’m not a pretzel fan, mostly because I don’t like the amount of salt that they usually use and sometimes it’s too dense that my jaw gets tired from chewing it. Not these ones. I would eat these Pretzel Knots again and again. They were made in-house and the cooks intentionally added a hint of sweetness to the dough so it’s not loaded with sodium. And the pretzels were not too dense, just enough that they were still pillowy. They were more like bread and I liked it. The poppy seeds and sesame seeds added some crunch to the pretzel. The beer cheese was provided as a spread but I think it tasted quite good on its own.

Pretzel Knots

The Charcuterie Board had a good selection of cheeses, soft and hard, creamy and nutty aged cheese, even a pungent one. The meat was leaning towards the spicy side for me but it helped whet my appetite. There’s a serving of Beer Nuts on the side here; the spice mix worked really with the nuts and they were great to be snacking on, while paired with beer.

Charcuterie Board

Beer and wings seem to be a classic pairing at pubs. At Prohibition, they elevated it by making duck wings. Yes, duck wings. (more…)

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While we’re continuing our Dine Out Vancouver coverage this week, I’m pleased to let you know that some restaurants have decided to extend their menu offering for a few more days. Here are their end dates and menus:

Until Feb 7

Until Feb 9

Until Feb 11

Until Feb 12

Until Feb 13

Until Feb 28

This year’s Dine Out has been my recent favourite. Overall, I think the restaurants have raised the bar and put out a much more interesting and tastier menu, and the service quality has also seen improvement. We have 2 more reviews coming up this week so be sure to follow them!

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With a coupon deal, Mama Lam and I arrived at this heritage house in Yaletown — Patisserie Fur Elise — for afternoon tea on a sunny Sunday afternoon. What a beautiful place – I bet it’s a popular photo spot!

Patisserie Fur Elise

Patisserie Fur Elise


They offer a standard menu for every guest. What makes them different is that they include a Chef’s Choice Starter prior to serving us the two-tier tea set. There is around a dozen of teas to choose from. I ordered the Latte Macchiato, which is a black tea with the taste of coffee and cream. It was pretty good, almost had a caramel flavour. Mama Lam chose China Rose. Although it’s a black tea, it was relatively light with a subtle taste of rose petals. Both teas were rather light on taste, but smell wonderfully.

Afternoon tea at Patisserie Fur Elise

Afternoon tea at Patisserie Fur Elise

I quite like the extra touch of giving each guest an hourglass and a strainer. The hourglass ran for about 3 minutes, the amount of time needed to steep the tea before serving. Then we poured the tea over the strainer to avoid tea leaves getting into our cup of tea.

Hourglass to tell when tea is ready

Hourglass to tell when tea is ready

Our Chef’s Choice Starter was the Orange Caramel Creme Brulee. (more…)

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It’s amazing how quickly our weather has gone a 180! We had such a nice September and it didn’t take long for our October to become, well, our usual October, wet and cold. Because of the sudden weather change, a lot of people at the office has been under the weather. And that’s when I was introduced to this magical drink found in Yaletown – the Cold Blaster. And O-Cha Tea Bar, is the place to be.

Cold Blaster

The other day, after my two teammates have been claimed a victim of the vicious virus, I trekked all the way to Yaletown to grab a Cold Blaster, just in case. Other colleagues have tried it before and it seemed to have helped them recover from early cold symptoms, so I thought I would get it as a preventative measure. This drink contains a special tea blend, orange juice, honey, ginger, and a little wedge of lemon; all this is topped with a shake or two of cayenne powder. Yes, cayenne powder. The combination of ingredients may sound really strange, but when mixed together it’s a fragrant, citrusy drink. And thanks to the heat from the cayenne, it warms you right up as soon as you take your first sip.

Cold Blaster at O-Cha

Cold Blaster at O-Cha

After my first dose of Cold Blaster, my body has stayed strong and I haven’t fallen as another victim of the virus. This seems to be the cure-all now for colleagues who are feeling a slightly bit sick. At the same time KB and LH just love the tea for what it is, and would just go for one even if they feel find. Ah what a great find!

But wait!


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