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[Editor’s Note: The giveaway is now closed.]

I was quite excited when Mon Paris opened up in Burnaby. I was following them on Instagram and the cakes were just beautiful! I also love that it’s near the Metrotown Skytrain station, which means easy access from Coquitlam or downtown.

I took my mom there, who also loves some good pastries. We had the Passionata (left), Opera (right), and a Canele (back in the pic) over Espresso and Americano. I really liked the tartness of passion fruit and mango pieces in the Passionata; the Canele had a crispy, caramelized exterior and soft centre; and the Opera was rich and decadent. We were there for an afternoon pick-me-up and it just hit the spot!

Mon Paris Burnaby


Continuing with our #vanfoodiesturn8 celebration, now is your chance to try some goodies from Mon Paris. (more…)


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Dinner with friends brought us to Saffron on Kingsway near Metrotown. Many years ago I ate there once; the fact that it’s still standing to this day must be a good sign.


After we placed our order, we received some complimentary Papadum with a mint and lime sauce. It’s like the comp bread basket at a western restaurant, but chickpea-based crackers. They were crispy, not salty, and the dipping sauce had prominent minty flavours and some acidity from the lime juice. That whetted our appetite.


Because it was a Saturday, dinner buffet was not an option. A la carte style only. Remembering how much I liked the Lamb Saagwala at Palki, I ordered a Saag Gosht with Lamb and see how it fairs out. It wasn’t as creamy as Palki but it seemed to have richer flavours from the mix of spices. The meat was tender, not gamey though, and some even had a bit of fatty parts so it was even more enjoyable. The meat pieces could be bigger.

Saag Gosht

According to the menu, each entree comes with basmati rice, but you could actually substitute it with naan bread. (more…)

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I have to say, sometimes I have the toughest time trying to determine a dinner location in Burnaby, especially when it comes to somewhere for fine dining and celebrating special occasions. Often comes to mind is the Hart House near Deer Lake. On a Saturday in May (yeah it’s awhile ago, but I had the draft ready awhile back; it’s just been collecting dust), Mr. and I went there for a friend’s birthday.


I remember a couple of years ago, I went to the restaurant for Sunday brunch and I was quite happy with the food. Therefore this time around I was expecting similar quality of food. Boy was I wrong. I should never go to a restaurant with any expectation because it’s never consistent – it often depends on the chef and the service staff. In this case, it’s definitely a hit and miss for us.

I ordered the Duck Breast off the regular menu. It was a generous serving of meat (and you know me and my meat) – not only there’s a huge slice of duck breast, there’s also a ridiculous amount of lentils with shredded duck meat on the side. The duck breast was quite moist and juicy, and the seasoning was just right. And while I don’t mind lentils and the shredded meat made it more flavourful, there was just WAY too much of them. I couldn’t finish them all.

Now here’s the kicker. (more…)

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