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Here are a couple of hot chocolates for kids or kids at heart! Kafka’s Coffee has two creations for the Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival and they are both quite fun.


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It’s always been on my list to try La Foret but for whatever reason I never did. When I took Mama Lam out shopping at Metrotown one weekend, I decided to take her there first.

The entrance could be deceiving because it seems like a small space, but it’s narrow and long with lots of seating available. You will find numerous 2-tops that can be turned into 4-tops, but also a few long communal tables for big groups.

La Foret


For Mama Lam, she ordered Chicken + Waffle, with buttermilk fried chicken and squid ink waffle. I’ve never squid ink waffles before. The texture of the waffle was quite interesting; it’s denser than typical Belgian waffle yet it’s spongy and lighter than expected. There’s a hint of fishiness from the squid ink. Chicken was boneless thigh meat; batter was thin, crispy, and meat was juicy. It’s a good portion size, quite filling for brunch.

Chicken + Waffle at La Foret

The Sausage Platter was marked as a new item on the menu. (more…)

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On the rare occasion that CC and I got to hang out we chose to check out CandyTown in Yaletown, and we decided to first grab a bite at Small Victory Bakery.


While CC opted for a sandwich, my eyes were set on those fluffy croissants in the showcase. I didn’t simply go for a butter croissant, though; I wanted a Breakfast Croissant. Sadly they sold out of it, so I went for the Bacon & Cheese Croissant instead. It’s light, fluffy, buttery. Then, as I got to the middle, there’s melted cheddar cheese with some meaty bacon. Of course, for the meat lover in me, I wish there’s more bacon. But because the cheddar cheese was also salty, too much bacon would’ve shot the salt level through the roof. This was perfectly balanced, and seriously, I could’ve easily had another one of these.

Bacon & Cheese Croissant

Christmas is just around the corner, so obviously I had to order a seasonal item. Cue the Mont Blanc. (more…)

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Mr. is a cat lover; me, not so much, so I was quite surprised when we arrived at what seemed like a cat cafe. Our visit to Cafe Chat L’Heureux was completely unplanned and unexpected.

Upon further research, Cafe Chat L’Heureux is the first Cat Cafe Project in North America. Chat in French means cat. Not knowing any French, Mr. actually mistakenly thought Cafe Chat was a place to chat. You know, literally, chat. Even Tip, the girl in the animation Home, knows what chat means in French! He claimed that it wasn’t his master scheme to trick me so he could hang out with cats. Strike one. Oh, and this is a vegetarian restaurant! Strike two. Our marriage is off to a great start! 😛

Cafe Chat L'Heureux


Even though Cafe Chat may be known for the kitties rather than its food and drinks, we did order some items to go with our kitty play time. My Latte was not bad, standard affair, but I started to realize the milk in Montreal is richer and has more flavour. Mr. went for the Passion Fruit Diabolo Juice, of which he was expecting some kind of juice form. Turns out it was just passion fruit flavoured soda; another example of lost in translation.

LatteDiabolo Passion Fruit Juice

Food wise, we shared the Classic Grilled Cheese. It was an online picture of this grilled cheese that lured me to the restaurant. Priorities, huh?! Haha! This, to our surprise, tasted as good as it looked! (more…)

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Over the course of the year, I’ve been traveling from country to country, but nothing’s better than home. During one of my smaller trips, the bf and I visited Salt Spring Island for the first time.

It’s a small place, a few hours could get around the entire island. A place where there’s no such thing as strangers, a place where it’s almost douchebag free. Magical, right? Didn’t think the food would be very impressive, but boy was I wrong.

We were walking around town with a map in hand when one of the locals asked if we were lost. He suggested a few places for food, but insisted that we check out the cafe. He said it was one of the locals favourites around here and that it’s different.

Walking along the harbour area, we saw it. It’s a place that’s guaranteed to make you smile. The cafe reminds me of something that’s taken out of a Disney movie, a little cafe that encircles a tree. There was a charming sign hanging from above the door, a few patio seats, and no matter what hour, is always at least half full.

Entrance to the cafe.

The server we had was attentive, was there when we needed anything, and prepared us with a stack of napkins for what we ordered. An order of cheese burger with a spinach salad and an order of the deluxe burger with a Caesar salad. While we were waiting, we took some more pictures from the inside of the cafe.

The tree. Most of the locals sat out on the patio area to bathe in the sunlight.

When the food came, I was just shocked by how good it looked and healthy. (more…)

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