I still remember a couple years back we checked out Palki on Commercial Drive and really liked it. Fast-forward to current time and they have renamed that restaurant to something else to avoid confusion. And when we were invited to try the North Vancouver location, the nostalgic feeling just came rushing through. We had to say yes.


We started with a couple of appetizers, along with some Papadum. Papadum are crispy lentil wafers, a little bit salty; you can snack on them like chips and it’s quite hard to stop eating them.


The Fish Pakoras were really good! Big fish pieces coated with the chickpea pakora batter and deep fried, yet they were not greasy at all. They didn’t have a crispy exterior like fish and chips but the meat was flaky and very flavourful. The plate came with two dipping sauces: tamarind sauce & a mint, cilantro and green chili sauce. The tamarind sauce added a hint of sweetness to the fish while the mint, cilantro & chili sauce added extra heat. It was quite a big portion for appetizer.

Fish Pakora

We also ordered some Beef Samosas. Often times we get the vegetarian version so we decided to go for the meat version. It’s Mr’s first time having a meat samosa. According to him, “it’s like the vegetarian samosa but better in every way because of the use of meat.” And there was so much meat! I could use some dipping sauce with it (like the fish pakora above) — and we think the perfect samosa (and we’re probably completely wrong about this concept) is a combination of vegetarian and meat samosas, a perfect balance of minced beef, potatoes and green peas.

Beef SamosasBeef Samosas

For entrees, we loved the Lamb Saagwala. It was different from regular curry, as it’s in a spinach-based cream sauce. The spinach flavour was very prominent, and it almost reminded me of spinach paneer. The lamb cubes were tender and with just a hint of gaminess. My favourite dish of the evening. You would need something to soak up all the sauce. This definitely goes well with rice, but naan would work as well.

Lamb Saagwala

Customers at the next table ordered some Chicken Tandoori and it definitely caught our attention. It smelled so good that it made me salivate and order one for ourselves. Didn’t turn out as good as we expected — it still smelled really good as it arrived but the meat was a bit too salty. The dark meat was moist but the white meat was a bit dry.

Chicken Tandoori

As for carbs, we went for something different. The Potato Naan was actually regular naan recipe stuffed with spicy potatoes. It’s crispy on the outside but still soft and fluffy inside with the addition of potatoes. It’s almost pancake like. It’s very flavourful and you can eat it on its own.

Potato Naan

The Lacchedar Parantha is multi-layered bread. It’s similar to Malaysian roti, but more crisp, less greasy and less rich, in a good way. It has good flavours that you can snack on it, or it goes quite well with saucy dishes as well.

Lacchedar Parantha

We were already quite full by this point, but how could you say no to dessert?! And they make the desserts in-house! Instead of going for the obvious choice of gulab jamun, we chose the Rasmali, which the manager called it the “Indian cheesecake.” It has a coarser texture than western cheesecake, but with good cheese flavours. Surprisingly it reminded us of gulab jamun, just slightly drier and unfried. The cream sauce had just the right amount of sweetness, so it wasn’t too rich and was just right to finish our meal.


Final Thoughts

We didn’t order the same dishes as we did at the Commercial Drive location, and we did that on purpose in hopes that we would be equally impressed by a different line up of dishes. And overall, we were. Our palates have also been exposed to more spices and flavourful profiles so to be able to deliver a meal that satisfied us and made us want more, I suggest you pay them a visit and experience it yourself.

Palki Restaurant North Vancouver

Palki Restaurant North Vancouver
116 15th Street E, North Vancouver

Palki Restaurant North Vancouver on Urbanspoon

Summer has officially started, which means our local farms are also busy harvesting. BC produces a huge variety of fresh ingredients — cherries, blueberries, apples, peaches, corn, cheese, salmon, tomatoes, etc. — everything is so close to home! Earlier this week White Spot launched its new Celebrate BC summer menu to celebrate exactly that, featuring local ingredients and select wines from farms and vineyards around the province.

Available until September 7, the Celebrate BC menu offers six seasonally-inspired creations:

  • Prawn & BC Brie Flatbread
  • Candied Salmon Spinach Salad
  • BC Beet, Brie & Bacon Bigger Burger
  • Gala Apple & BC Brie Chicken Burger
  • Lois Lake Steelhead with Warm Crispy BC Potato Salad
  • Legendary Burger, Caesar Salad & Fresh BC Blueberry Pie Combo

To make sure you get to try these items, we are giving away two $25 White Spot gift cards. Yes, two chances of winning!

3 ways to enter

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If you have been following our Instagram, you would see the photo of our homemade cucumber salad. It’s so easy to make yet it’s so delicious and refreshing for the summer. I thought I will share the recipe here.

Asian Cucumber Salad

Asian Cucumber Salad


  • Long English Cucumber: 1 unit
  • Peanut Butter: 3 tablespoon
  • Soy Sauce: 2 tablespoon
  • Thai Chili Sauce: 2 tablespoon
  • Lemon Juice: 2 teaspoon

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Weather has been so nice it’s to resist from going outside for lunch. Of course that also screams food truck season. Trying to hit up food trucks that I have yet to check out, I got to the end of the line up at Fat Duck Mobile Truck. It was located at the corner of West Cordova and Howe on a Thursday afternoon.

Duck Confit Sandwich, Philly style


Their menu is pretty small, just 4 items — but small menu means a better focus on the food, so they would be closer to perfection. The Duck Confit “Philly” Style sandwich caught my eyes right away and I ordered it without any hesitation.

And it was really good! Continue Reading »

Bryan and I were invited to check out the new Prohibition Tasting Room, in the location of where Cache Bistro used to be in Yaletown. We had the opportunity to sample its beers and a number of dishes on the menu. The beers are not brewed on location; they are being brewed in Kelowna then shipped to here. Food is prepared on location, with a lot of items made in-house or sourced locally. In this post, I will focus on the food, and Bryan will share his thoughts on the beer and drinks.

Prohibition Tasting Room


To be honest I’m not a pretzel fan, mostly because I don’t like the amount of salt that they usually use and sometimes it’s too dense that my jaw gets tired from chewing it. Not these ones. I would eat these Pretzel Knots again and again. They were made in-house and the cooks intentionally added a hint of sweetness to the dough so it’s not loaded with sodium. And the pretzels were not too dense, just enough that they were still pillowy. They were more like bread and I liked it. The poppy seeds and sesame seeds added some crunch to the pretzel. The beer cheese was provided as a spread but I think it tasted quite good on its own.

Pretzel Knots

The Charcuterie Board had a good selection of cheeses, soft and hard, creamy and nutty aged cheese, even a pungent one. The meat was leaning towards the spicy side for me but it helped whet my appetite. There’s a serving of Beer Nuts on the side here; the spice mix worked really with the nuts and they were great to be snacking on, while paired with beer.

Charcuterie Board

Beer and wings seem to be a classic pairing at pubs. At Prohibition, they elevated it by making duck wings. Yes, duck wings. Continue Reading »

Richard, organizer of Tasting Plates Vancouver, once again invited me to check out one of its events. Because it focused on Central Richmond, my new neighbourhood, so I was quite excited to see what the area has to offer.

Funny enough, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m more familiar with Vancouver restaurants, so Richmond is still new to me and I know there’s much to explore.

At this event, we checked out the following restaurants:

  • Harold’s Bistro & Bar (Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel)
  • The American Grille (Vancouver Airport Marriott)
  • CAVU Kitchen Bar (Hilton Vancouver Airport)
  • The Apron (Westin Wall Centre)
  • Thai House
  • Fresh Press Coffee

I’ve used Storify to document the photos that I took and shared throughout the event, plus some commentary about the food and overall experience. CAVU is brand new, just opened on July 7 to the public, so it was great to be able to check it out during its opening week. The interior is nice and modern; LW even commented that she would return for dinner and drinks with friends.

In addition, we found this new coffee house Fresh Press Coffee, being tucked away in a street mall waiting for you to find it. They hand-craft all the beverages, including pour over coffee. It makes a much better hang-out spot than chain coffee shops or bubble tea house. I see a lot of potential in this and I hope they will do well.

Overall, I was very impressed by the quality of food and service we received at each participating restaurant. Tasty food, attractive presentation. Not only that, a number of actually included drinks in their menu, which is not common for Tasting Plates. It definitely helps that most of them are hotel restaurants and they have the brand and reputation to live by. This was by far the most enjoyable Tasting Plates that I’ve attended. I have found a few new spots for dinner and gatherings!

Click on the image or link below to check out my story:


Tasting Plates Central Richmond

Tasting Plates Central Richmond

Tasting Plates Main Street Recap on Storify

Tasting Plates is a good way to explore new and long-standing restaurants in different neighbourhoods. Check out TastingPlatesYVR.com for upcoming events.

The dining scene in Vancouver has changed. There is a higher appreciation and demand for mid-range, casual to casual-fine dining restaurants. I liked C Restaurant a lot when I visited a few times but it’s just too expensive for frequent visits. Same for its sister restaurant, Raincity Grill located by English Bay. Fine dining calls for special occasions so for Mr.‘s birthday, I chose to go to Raincity Grill for dinner. Raincity Grill is famous for its 100-mile approach so I was quite excited to see what they would offer using fresh local ingredients.


Even so I didn’t pay for the full price. I bought a deal voucher for a 7-course tasting menu. First course, Surf & Turf, included a seared scallop and confit pork belly. Scallop was cooked right with a nice crust; pork belly was tender although not having a crispy skin. We thought it was off to a good start.

Surf & Turf

Next, the North Arm Farm Beetroots was a fancy beet salad. Instead of serving the beets fresh with its natural sweetness, it’s lightly pickled so it’s a bit acidic. The different preparations of beets — raw, pickled and fried — added different textures to the dish. Continue Reading »


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